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What does Alta do?
What does Alta do?
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Alta is a private investment platform that offers unlisted securities in growth and pre-IPO stage companies across industries to a qualified network of investors, comprising both professional – corporate venture, private equity, venture capital funds, family offices, angel investor networks – and individually accredited investors actively looking to diversify their current portfolio.

Alta screens all investment opportunities to ensure businesses meet the minimum requirements defined by the Alta Factor – a proprietary data-driven deal screening and evaluation process analysing over 130 quantitative data points per company+ – before reaching its investor network. Alta's network of investors then performs their own assessment before making an "Anchor Investment" in any opportunity of interest. Only deals with a lead anchor investor will be listed on its platform, whereupon our wider network of investors is invited to join the investment round.

Alta is headquartered in Singapore and has a growing team of over twenty people spread across regional offices in Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

Historically, only c.10% of companies will be offered to Alta's investors, whilst just c.3% eventually receive an investment – Alta’s technology enabled solution means that its investors do not have to spend unnecessary time and resources hiring large teams of analysts.

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