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How much does Alta charge for fundraising, and what is Alta's scope?
How much does Alta charge for fundraising, and what is Alta's scope?

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Written by Edrea Tan
Updated over a week ago

Alta charges a 3-5% success-based fee of total funds raised from your deal.

We've streamlined the fundraising process into the following steps:

  1. Apply: Submit your application with your latest pitch deck here

  2. Await assessment: Our proprietary deal screening platform, DealTrack, will screen your application to assess funding viability

  3. Sign NDA & deal engagement agreement: If eligible, our Investments Team will share an NDA and deal engagement letter, after understanding your fundraising requirements in detail

  4. Submit documentation: Our team will evaluate and verify your company’s data room and KYC documentation in adherence with regulatory requirements

  5. Complete due diligence: Due diligence documentation will be shared for your response as part of the onboarding process

  6. Launch deal campaign: Your deal will be launched on our platform — accessible to our global network of accredited investors — and syndicated to targeted investors based on their predetermined preferences. Once investor interest is garnered, we connect them directly with you.

  7. Close deal campaign: Once a financing commitment has been made by an investor, our team will reach out to request for relevant deal settlement documentation to facilitate successful investments

For more information on our solutions for Fundraisers, click here.

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