How are investors accredited on Alta?
Written by Roohi Taragi
Updated over a week ago

To be considered an accredited investor under Singapore law, you will need to provide to us documents providing evidence of such accreditation for our verification.

The documents required will vary depending on the accredited investor type you claim. Generally, they include proof of net income or net assets. You will also need to read through our notification on what it means to be treated as an accredited investor and opt-in (i.e., provide consent) to being treated as one by Alta.

In addition to verifying your accredited investor status, we will also need to conduct 'know-your-client' checks on you. This requires you to send us your identification documents for our verification.

For detailed accreditation requirements, please visit this link.

These are all mandatory requirements imposed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We appreciate your cooperation on this.

Once we verify all required documents, you may view deals on our site and invest.

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