How does Alta work with investors?
Written by Roohi Taragi
Updated over a week ago

Alta takes a data-driven approach to curate investment opportunities in private companies and funds for our global network of 14,000+ investors.

By signing up for an account on our platform and verifying your investor status as an accredited investor, you would be able to view all available private investment opportunities. Upon interest in a deal, you may request for access to the deal's data room to retrieve more documentation on the deal, or express your investment interest directly.

Our Investments Development team will then follow up with you to validate your interest; our team may also be able to facilitate meetings between yourself and the fundraising company's management team to find out more about the structure or terms of the deal.

After which, if an investment size is committed, our team will then facilitate the settlement process, which would vary based on the terms of the deal.

To view available opportunities in private companies and funds, sign up and verify your investor status here.

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