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Why invest in private companies or funds?
Why invest in private companies or funds?

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Private capital AUM focused on the region has expanded almost sixfold over the past decade, rising from $388bn at the end of 2011 to $1.71tn in September 2020 according to Preqin. This shift is happening in tandem with a diminishing number of public listings in the US, as well as several countries in Asia, including Singapore and Indonesia. Modern companies are increasingly shying away from IPOs, resulting in more limited public investment opportunities.

Consequently, a report from McKinsey notes that large investors who had previously stayed away from private markets now view them as necessary to get diversified exposure to global growth. Research by leading wealth management firms now recommend a 12-15% allocation to private equity.

Unfortunately, the doors to such deals have typically remained closed to all but large institutional and ultra-high net worth investors.

At Fundnel, we are committed to offering accredited investors that same opportunity. Thats why we have built a technology platform that enables investors access to a global selection of high-growth businesses and funds.

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