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Before Investing
Before Investing
Written by Eunice Chuah
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1. Should I sign up for an account before making any investment?

Yes, you must register an account with Alta in order to invest.

2. Will Alta charge me a fee for my investment?

Alta will not charge you when you invest in ECF deals (subjected to changes)

3. Am I required to submit any documents before I make any investment?

Yes, you are required to pass our identity verification checks before eligible to make any investment on our platform.

4. Can I re-upload my documents if I have made a mistake?

Of course! You may contact us at [email protected] if there are any issues with the submitted documents.

5. What happens if my KYC documents are not approved?

Alta will reach out to you via email on the next steps.

6. What steps does Alta take to protect its investors?

As no investment is risk-free, we have outlined the risks of participating in our investment opportunities on our platform. Kindly take the time to review it before making any investment. Separately, during the campaign period, the monies will be held safely until the campaign closes.

7. Can I update my contact details?

Of course! Kindly may reach out to us should you require any details to be updated.

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