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During investing
Written by Chrissie Wong
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1. I am non-Malaysian, can I invest in the ECF campaign?

Of course! non-Malaysian are able to invest in the ECF campaign after you have cleared our identity verification checks. However, please note that any payments made in currencies other than RM (Ringgit Malaysia) will be at the risk of foreign exchange exposure borne by you, including any refunds that may be required.

2. How do I know what type of Investor I am?

In accordance with requirements, there are three (3) categories of Investors:

Investor Type


Retail Investor

Refers to an individual who is not an angel investor or a sophisticated investor.

Angel Investor

Refers to an individual—

  1. who is a tax resident in Malaysia; and

  2. whose total net personal assets exceed RM3 million or its equivalent in foreign currencies; or

  3. whose gross total annual income is not less than RM180,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies in the preceding 12 months; or

  4. who, jointly with his or her spouse, has a gross total annual income exceeding RM250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies in the preceding 12 months.

Sophisticated Investor

Refers to any person who—

  1. falls within any of the categories of investors set out in Part 1, Schedule 6 and 7 of the CMSA*; or

  2. acquires any of the capital market product or Islamic capital market product offered or traded on a recognized market where the consideration is not less than RM250,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies for each transaction whether such amount is paid for in cash or otherwise.

In the case you need to amend or update your investor status, please reach out to us via email.

3. Is there any investment limit?

Investor Type

Investment Limit

Retail Investor

Maximum of RM 5,000 for a single investment and, no more than RM50,000 within a 12-month period

Angel Investor

Up to a maximum of RM500,000 within 12 months

Sophisticated Investor

No investment limit

4. Can I update my investment amount?

Absolutely! However, currently, you are not able to change the investment amount on the platform. To update it, kindly reach out to us and we will assist you accordingly. Please note that this can only be done before the expiry of the campaign period and if it is within your declaration status.

5. What happened to my money after I transferred?

The monies are held safely in the Trustee account approximately around 3-4 months. It will be disbursed to the issuer once the campaign has completed its cycle.

6. Am I able to withdraw my investment?

Yes, you are able to withdraw your investment at any time until the expiry of the campaign period. In the event when the successful campaign has expired, you are only able to withdraw during the cooling-off period. Please be advised that the investment amount shall be refunded back to the same account where you originally transferred from.

7. What is the cooling-off period?

It is a mandatory cooling-off period of every successful campaign that spans 6 business days. During this period, you are allowed to withdraw your investment and receive a full refund of your investment amount, should you decide to do so.

8. Will I be notified when a campaign ends, and if it was successful or unsuccessful?

You will be notified via email on the outcome of the campaign once the campaign ends.

9. What if the campaign ends before my KYC clears? Will I still be able to invest in the ECF campaign?

Yes, as long as you have submitted your investment interest before the campaign end date, you will still be eligible to participate in the investment round. Once you receive the email with funds transfer instructions, please transfer the full investment amount and upload the proof of transfer to confirm your investment.

10. What happens if the Issuer does not meet their minimum fundraising target?

Equity Crowdfunding campaigns are conducted on an all-or-nothing basis. A campaign would need to meet the minimum fundraising target before the funds can be released to the fundraiser. If a campaign is unsuccessful, all monies collected will be refunded to the investors.

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